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Includes institutes-wide updates, alerts, announcements, event scheduling, Fee inquiries, Daily attendance report, Result announcements, class & group creation, student behavior management. Institutes are able to translate your success in reality with no limits on administrators. An administrator dashboard with relevant statistics and data to understand how your system works for your students using the system for their parent's communication

Institutes Leaders

Institutes leaders who want to boost their student's parent engagement efforts. The Only System in Pakistan. You need to Engage Families with the institute. Empowers teachers and administrators by giving them a single click for communication, coordination and community building. In today's digital world, the system engages users and keeps them coming back. Best of all, the system is safe and works on any internet-enabled device.

Introduction is an innovative system having a modern style of reporting. It made with love and care for the report institute's efficiency to your student's parents/guardians. It is a very modern way of advertisements with very affordable rates. We made a branded system to share your success stories, marketing objectives, build your presence, create awareness, manage events, and generate leads.

Boost Your Brand

If your sales aren't where you'd like them to be, you might need some expert help. Our business managers can help you take your marketing to the next level. They can mock up websites and brochures and E-marketing that demonstrate your experience and look fantastic. You'll appear more professional, impress your customers and boost your sales. So if you're ready to get your phone ringing with customers, Call at 03006335917

Rewards and gifts

To get rewards in the shape of money (USD).
There are 3 steps.

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(2) Answer surveys

(3) Get money.

Your Opinion is important for us

As you know Lords consultant is a market research knowledge-based company. We conduct research surveys for our national and international clients in your local languages worldwide. The client wants to get opinions about their products from end-users. Your opinions help our clients to make the best product or service for you. If you want to discuss your product user experiences with policies maker and quality controllers as a sensible consumer this platform for you. You are warmly welcome to become a panelist in Lord's consultant consumer panel. Answer on surveys questionnaire and get money. Become a member Click on Join Us.

FACE TECH Introduction has two-way communications.

  • Simple mobile SMS
  • Branded web server links

Benefits of

  • People know about your brand automatically.
  • No need for further advertisements.
  • You can skip your daily attendance register.
  • You can send your daily diary with the digital system.
  • You can send proudly your weekly, monthly, annual result to the parents with our two ways of communications.
  • You are able to show your institute's curricular and extracurricular activities to the parents without any cast or expenses.
  • It is an easy way to deliver your school messages to the parents in private communication methods
  • Parents talk about your brand automatically with their friends and family.
  • You will feel proud to adopt technology in an early startup.
  • You can call a student's parents meeting easily.
  • Parents of the student are not able to ignore any messages in this private way of communications.
  • You are able to write all class daily diaries at once in only one line.